Education Council

The Education Council is established by the provincial College and Institute Act and is made up of faculty members, administration and support staff and student representatives. The council’s role is to ensure educational quality at North Island College.

The Education Council serves two main functions:

  • To review and approve curriculum and policies that relate to academic standing, academic standards and evaluation of student performance;
  • To advise the Board of Governors on the development of educational policy (e.g. related to the implementation and/or cancellation of courses and programs, evaluation of programs and educational services, terms of affiliation with other post-secondary bodies, qualifications for admission policies and criteria for awarding certificates, diplomas and degrees).
It’s important to ensure we provide quality education to our students. The Education Council serves as a gatekeeper to ensure we’re meeting our obligations while also providing quality educational options, curriculum and policies to support student success at NIC. We’re very proud of the work that we do.
Dennis Lightfoot
Chair, Education Council