Faculty Profile - Sandra Milligan

Sandra Milligan

Sandra Milligan



MSc in Anatomy and Neurobiology (University of Ottawa, 1998)


Subjects: Biology
Campbell River Campus 250-923-9759 | Location CWG - 233

Sandra Milligan has been teaching biology full-time at NIC since 2003. Her early scientific training was in neuroscience but she is now a “generalist”, a naturalist and a life-long learner. Her life is seamless, as work and hobbies flow together and support each other.

Sandra has grown roots in the Campbell River community and has been fortunate to be involved in many organizations that enhance the community: Greenways Land Trust, the BC Centre for Aquatic Health Science, Discovery Passage Aquarium and Active Campbell River.

Sandra regularly provides presentations in the community on a variety of topics: intertidal life, sex in plants, nutrition, brain anatomy, heart dissections, local history, invasive plants and gardening. Athletics take up much of her spare time; running, cycling, swimming, yoga, diving and planning for the next race. Gardening for food, flowers and fun, reading non-fiction and bird watching fill in the quiet moments. She considers raising her three talented children as one of her most surprising accomplishments. 

Sandra brings much of the outside community and nature into the classroom, in the form of stories but also in the form of real, moving, living organisms. Wherever possible, classroom topics are related to daily events that happen in our bodies, brains, communities and in the world. Students are provided active learning opportunities to connect concepts to their interests and to see how the concepts may be applied in future careers.


MSc in Anatomy and Neurobiology (University of Ottawa, 1998)


MSc University of Victoria, Psychology (1993)

BSc Toxicology, Chemical Emphasis, University of Guelph (1988)

BIO-060 Concepts in Biology I (Inhabiting the Human Body)

BIO-102 Principles of Modern Biology II

BIO-103 Principles of Modern Biology 1

BIO-110 Concepts of Biology I (Inhabiting the Human Body)

BIO-111 Concepts in Biology II (Inhabiting the Earth)

BIO-160 Human Anatomy & Physiology I

BIO-161 Human Anatomy & Physiology II

BIO-201 Introduction to Biochemistry

BIO-215 Introductory Microbiology

MacPherson, P.A., Jones, S., Pawson, P., Marshall, K. and McBurney, M.W.  1997.  P19 cells differentiate into glutamatergic and glutamate-responsive neurons in vitro.  Journal of Neurobiology.  80(2).  487-499.

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Jones, S.J., Moore, D., and Corcoran, M.E.  1994.  Variability of long-term potentiation in awake, behaving rat. Society of Neuroscience Abstracts.  29(2): 142. 

  • Teaching full-time at NIC

    Sandra loves to talk about biology! The best (and most fun!) way to learn is to link new learning to daily living: living organisms, lab activities, field trips and exercise keeps students engaged. Exploring life is the best way to learn about it!

  • Campbell River Community

    Greenways Land Trust, President:  Environmental steward, invasive plant projects

    BC Centre for Aquatic Health Science, Chair

    Discovery Passage Sea Life Society Aquarium, Director, 2012 – 2013

    Active Campbell River, Chair, 2006-2009, Signage in Beaver Lodge Lands

  • Sandra has three talented grown children/adults who have helped her learn about life. Participating in their learning experiences provides a window into high school curriculum so that she understands the challenges of transition to post-secondary education.

  • Sandra has been a competitive runner and triathlete: ran more than 10 marathons, qualified for Boston each time, participated in multiple triathlons and earned a place on Team Canada for the 2011 World Triathlon Championships in Beijing. Now she enjoy long (slower!) cycling adventures.

  • Sandra can tell you what cool event is happening in nature when it's your birthday. Identifying seasonal changes provides immense enjoyment of the natural world. Is your birthday between May 15 and July 15? This is the only time of the year to hear the etheral song of the Swainson's thrush.

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