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THM-170 Food & Beverage Service

3 credits

This course focuses on the philosophy and psychology of service as well as the technical skills (or the mechanics) of service. Students will experience a combination of service theory reinforced by the actual practice of the concepts learned. Emphasis on the concept of customer relations, from its broadest perspective, and the ways it impacts on the customer and on the interpersonal skills needed to manage situations. Students will understand and appreciate the areas of service that are important and critical from a guest and management point of view.


  • C in Foundations of Math 11, Applications of Math 11 or MAT-053; or Completion of Pre-Calculus 11 or Principles of Math 11; or Math Assessment.
  • C in one of English Studies 12, Provincial English 12, English First Peoples 12, NIC ENG 060, ENG 096, or ENG 098; or C+ in ESL 092 and ESL 095; or English Assessment.

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