Dual Credit

Dual credit is an early entry opportunity for high school students to complete university-level courses while still in high-school. Student receive credit towards their Grade 12 graduation requirements, as well as NIC credit. These credits are fully transferable to institutions across BC.

NIC Dual Credit student
If you’re considering college or university, take Dual Credit. It’s going to set you up to explore what you’re passionate about and make the transition to post-secondary that much smoother.
Victor Kamel
NIC Dual Credit student

NIC offers dual credit options in:

Dual Credit Courses

You can take dual credit as individual courses. For more information connect with your Career Counsellor in the Counselling office or contact NIC’s Student Recruiter-Advisors at futurestudents@nic.bc.ca.

Interested in earning credit towards trades training, check out Youth Train in Trades.

Apply now in five easy steps

1. Meet with your District Careers Program Coordinator/High School Counsellor in Grade 10 or Grade 11 to discuss your interest in dual credit courses or programs.
2. Meet with a NIC student recruiter advisor at your high school or through an appointment to explore course and program options.
3. Complete the dual credit application - university form or the dual credit application - health and human services form. Note: the dual credit application for university - additional instructions and resources and dual credit application for health and human services - additional instructions and resources are not required for your submission to NIC; they are optional extra resources. Your District Careers Program Coordinator/High School Counsellor will assist you with completing the application and will help you gather signatures from your parents and all relevant school district personnel.
4. Submit your completed application package to admissions-cw@nic.bc.ca.
5. You will be given a NIC student number and NIC email from Admissions. Please check your NIC email for further communication from NIC.

Questions? Contact NIC's Student Recruiter at futurestudents@nic.bc.ca.