Placement Assessments

We want you to succeed. NIC offers a variety of assessments to help you meet program entry requirements or workplace skill requirements.

The placement process requires the following five steps:

  1. Meet with an advisor to discuss your educational goals and next steps in the assessment process. This step must be completed PRIOR to booking your assessment. To book an advisor appointment go to:
  2. Check your NIC email for assessment information.
  3. Pay the assessment fee by calling 1-800-715-0914.
  4. Book your appointment directly with your local assessment clerk.
  5. After your assessment, reconnect with your Advisor to develop a plan to move forward.

NIC offers placement testing for English and math at all our locations and off-campus options for NIC students outside our region.

Are you of Indigenous ancestry? Please contact an Indigenous educational advisor first to review the placement process.

NIC Applicant Assessment fees:

Math and/or English and/or program specific placements:

$15.00 (NIC applicant)

Hospital Unit Clerk Keyboarding Assessment:

$15.00 (NIC applicant)

** An advising session is not required for a Hospital Unit Keyboarding Assessment

Non-Applicant Assessment fees:

Math, English or Keyboarding assessment:

$45.00 + tax (per assessment)

** An advising session is not required for non-applicant assessments. Please contact your local campus to book your assessment.